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Piano recital at Pulcheria concerts (Leuven)

by Jose Nunez Ares

€ 770

raised so far. Fundraising target € 800






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The program of this piano recital combines classical and minimal piano music. I will play pieces of Bach, Chopin, Glass and Pärt. During the concert I will highlight the connections between the pieces, at least the things I feel they have in common. More information can be found at:

What is your goal ?
To transmit the explainable and unexplainable contained in the music I play

Something you would like to add ? An anecdote to share ?
I want to donate the ticket revenue to MSF, so please donate here the price of your tickets, or more!
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Herman Delooz

€ 50


Lenaerts Bart

€ 15


Ines Adriaens

€ 20


Mieke Vander Cammen

€ 30


gerda tegenbos

€ 20


Paul De Smet

€ 20


Ilse De Potter

€ 15


Peter Goos

€ 40


Janos Keresztes

€ 20


Alessandra Gnecchi

€ 20

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