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Make your campaign a success in 6 steps

Because we want more than anything to see you succeed in your crowdfunding campaign, here is the action plan that we advise you to follow.

We are here to help. If you have any questions, please contact us.

#1: Lead by example

It's sometimes hard to be the first donor. That's why we advise you to make the first donation yourself on your page. This first donation will also serve as a reference amount for people close to you. So feel free to be generous.

#2: Explain why you are involved in this project.

We've created a standard email message to download to help you explain your approach. The most important thing is to add the reason for your commitment to the message. That's what interests your family and friends the most!

#3: Begin by contacting those who are closest to you.

It is always preferable to start by appealing to your closest relatives and friends. They will be more inclined to support you. Gather the first donations from them. Then, send the personalized email message that you have prepared to your base of contacts that you enlarge little by little.

#4: Now, go into a 'social network' mode.

One of the best strategies is to tag those who have already made a donation by thanking them. Your post is then shared in your news feed and that of the person concerned. It also helps to show everyone that people are already supporting your project.

#5: Relaunch exchanges by email

Do not hesitate to use email to inform your contacts of the progress of your project (50% of the goal reached, 75%, etc.). Take the opportunity to remind some who may have forgotten to make a donation. Don't be shy, you're doing a great deed! The main reason people haven't donated yet, however, may be that you haven't (re)asked them yet.

#6: Thank your donors and keep them informed

Continue to keep people informed who are supporting you, thanking them as your project evolves. At the end, take time to write an email thanking everyone, sharing with them the final results of your fundraising event!

Ready to launch yourself into this adventure?

Tools to download

Facebook covers, collection guide, photographs, association logos... we've created donation collection tools to help you. Enjoy using them!

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